Friday, January 16, 2009

What Not to Wear: According to Snowboarder Style

As the thermometer reached minus thirty-nine degrees, it is no surprise that I resembled Randy from A Christmas Story, today. “I can’t put my arms down,” was exactly what was running through my head. Fortunately with arms out to the sides comes balance, and with balance comes a smooth ride.

However, snowboarding is not only about how you ride, but what you’re wearing when you do it. Mt. Tremblant wasn’t supposed to know what hit it with my Marilyn Monroe pop art bandana. Unfortunately, fashion was not an option today. Neck warmers were in full effect.

Enough said.

Hopefully tomorrow will allow our true colors to shine.


Mr. Costello said...

I love the movie and blog, this is very well presented! Trendy back drop, and relivant topic piece. I will be back on here to check it out again!

julie-anne emilie said...

Marylin did make an appearance the next day!

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