Monday, January 19, 2009

Why Blog?

As a Media, Information and Technoculture student in my fourth year at the University of Western Ontario, I am surprised that this is my first encounter with blogging. In what seemingly has become a growing trend in the information realm, I have yet to familiarize myself with this new way of communicating. As Web 2.0 strives to gain power after the depletion of the dot-com bubble in 2001, I also want to develop my own power to find my voice and express it through my blog.

Blogging: For Passion, Politics or Profit is the reason I am starting this blog. This class will introduce me to blogging and its affect on journalism. As a student who is still undecided as to what to do after graduating, I anticipate that this class will give me another opportunity to develop new skills, and may spark an interest in a new way of communicating.

I must admit that although thoughts flow through my head at an alarming rate, writing them down in a more laid back and non-essay type manner will serve to be difficult for me. I have not had a lot experience with writing down my thoughts as they come, except for a journal I kept at the age of nine for one week, while at my cottage. That was thirteen years ago. I am beginning to find that it has gotten easier.

I have yet to decide on a theme for this blog. I am passionate about many things, but do not specialize in one area enough for it to be the focus of my blog. I am hoping that comes with time and experience.

I ask you to be patient with me as I find my voice, and develop a new passion for blogging.


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