Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TWSS in London Free Press Blog

Today, I had a blog post written about me.

It wasn't just any post.

It was a post in the London Free Press' Blog section.

Dan Brown, Senior Online Editor at the London Free Press, and blogger of Cool Blog Name to Come, kindly wrote some supportive words about my blog and where to find it.

You can find it by clicking here. Please check out Dan's blog! He always has a great mix of thoughts and questions that never leave any subject untouched.

Also, I thought I should let everyone know that That's What She Said is now on Facebook and Twitter! Follow me @TWSSBlog, and check what's new and upcoming for the blog on my Facebook page here.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Blog Break: Guest Blog

My good friend Josh Braby has graciously decided to provide you with today's Blog Break. Thanks Josh! Hope everyone enjoys what HE has to say.

She's a 4th year college student, he's in his 4th year of the dreaded "real world".

She writes with proper English, he writes whatever pops into his head.

Thanks for letting me step in for a minute and tell you what HE has to say.


It’s FINALLY here! It’s officially Spring, and Summer is just around the corner. Get hyped people, no more hoping and wishing for the calendar to flip! It’s time to get stoked for blue skies and warmer weather.

Below are my top 5 reasons to get excited for the upcoming spring/summer season… from a guys perspective, of course.


Is there any better feeling than picking up a fresh pair of steps and rocking them in the summer time?? Helllllllllls no. http://www.wemaejor.com/article.php?id=308

4. March Madness.

When I rush home to see these kids ball their hearts out, I know that spring is in the air. There is nothing better than the first weekend of March Madness. Just game after game. Wild finish after wild finish. Entertainment at it’s BEST.

3. THE Beach.

No description necessary. Sunglasses help fellas.

2. Muuuuuusic.

If DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh prince taught us anything, well other then that parents just don't understand... it's that summer time is all about the music. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X_PDns23RWY

Dun dun dun …

1. Baseball.

It’s baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.

I know, I know it's a boring sport, right? Well you've never had a couple dogs and a couple more beers at a REAL baseball park (note: Roger’s Center does not fit that bill).

Two of the best and most hilarious times of my life came during Baseball park road trips with my boys. There are FORTEEN (!!) Major League Baseball parks located within a 600 mile radius of London, Ont. (For the record I've been to 11 of them). Last August me and three of my best friends packed into a car and headed the Chiiiii for an afternoon game at Wrigley Field. I recommend this trip to anybody with a beating heart. This trip simply can NOT be beat.

Oh, and this summers upcoming trips include ... the legendary Fenway Park, new Yankee stadium, and back to the Jake in Cleveland w/ my dad and brother. Nothing like a baseball game with your bro and pops.

Also, don't forget about my former, and your local baseball team Londoners, The London Majors (www.londonmajors.com). Trust me, this park is one of the best in the entire country. It is a gorgeous park and for less than a movie pass at Silvercity, you can watch some nice young talent compete on a high level of baseball. Two years ago the Majors had THREE players drafted into Major League Baseball.


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Apology to my Readers

I'm sorry my post have been lacking in content over the past couple days, but I am in the midst of a couple essays and assignments which have been taking up all of my time (and new, fresh thoughts).

I promise once the madness is over, in about a week and a half, I will have some great content for you.

Are you feeling neglected by me? If so, write me a comment!

One great thing to look forward to on Monday... a guest blog! A good friend of mine and sports fanatic will be guest blogging on Monday. So check back for it- It will be a good one!

Earth Hour

Did you turn off your lights tonight?

Click here for more information on this important and great movement!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Loud Music Outside, in March

I am SO mad right now.

I pulled myself out of bed to write this (yes, it seems way to early to be going to bed on a Friday night, but I work early).

I have discovered the sound of a base being pumped from a neighbours house a couple houses down behind me. They are not having a party, they just like to do this in the warmer months.

This person seems to think it is the middle of summer or something, hanging outside at almost 11pm in March.

It is not the summer! Save your loud music for the warmer weather (and for when I'm in a better mood).

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Live Blog: Western's The Big Purple Couch

Well I've just walked into the Spoke, and it seems as though they are doing try-outs for Western's television show, The Big Purple Couch.

There are students and judges gathered around, American Idol style.

The first girl that was up wasn't very exuberant or camera friendly in my opinion, but the next contestant Lauren had great chemistry with the co-host.

Can anyone tell me more about The Big Purple Couch?

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Thought: CBC Cuts & Communication Career

How am I ever going to be able to find a job in communications?

CBC executives announced today that they will be cutting 800 jobs across the country.

It will be selling millions in assets to make up for a $171 million shortfall.

Click here to read the article in the London Free Press.

Re-Designing My Blog?

Lately I have been feeling that my blog needs a face-lift.

It seems so dark, yet that was completely the opposite of what I was originally trying to achieve.

I am using bright colours to make it interesting, and a simple layout to make it easy to follow.

Yet I have had the urge to completely re-design my blog.

I have some ideas which I will implement once my essays, assignments, and exams are out of the way!

What would you like to see on my blog?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thank You

Have I said 'thank you' to you lately?

I don't believe I have, so thank you!

Thank you for visiting my blog, telling your friends, commenting, and becoming apart of the That's What She Said community.

If I did not have visitors and followers, I would not be successful- so I owe it to you.

I'm glad I have a community who likes to "see it through my eyes!"


Monday, March 23, 2009

The End of Print, Radio and Television?

CBC Newsworld’s three-part documentary The End, featuring The End of Print, The End of Radio, and The End of Television, has left me considering the declining power of the mass media. The documentaries, which originally aired in 2006, effectively tackled the possibility of new trends surpassing the traditional discourses, through raising questions, interviewing sources, and focusing on emerging communication options. Even bloggers take much of their information from these sources, so there must be some hope.

Like many, I receive most of my information from the internet. I browse newspapers, read books, download music, and watch my favourite television shows online. It would seem that I have progressed into instant information gratification, with just the click of a button. This threat to the mainstream media has left many, including myself, wondering if there is a chance for those who do not embrace the internet and make use of Web 2.0. The End of Print notes that newspaper circulation is in decline, and some are struggling to make effective use of the internet as an alternative way to reach their audience. However, this does not apply to all newspapers, as the London Free Press is checked daily on my computer.

The End of Radio suggests that commercial radio is fading as a result of a need to personalize one’s playlist. Terrestrial radio no longer suffices, as iPods and satellite radio puts the music back in the hands of the citizen dj’s. As humans we need to connect, whether in the form of radio, or the most recent song sent from an RSS feed directly to one’s computer by another user. I would argue that radio, like newspapers, are slowly but definitely making advancements in the way they reach online users. Not only are local stations accessible, but radio stations from around the world are available to listen to through online streaming, and radio podcasts.

One interviewee in The End of Television suggested that “the dinosaurs are not going to die, they are going to survive. With major networks losing youth all-together, it is no surprise that television has become unplugged, and is now connected through the internet. This type of viewing allows consumers to watch television wherever they happen to be. Since viewing habits have changed ever since the introduction of the World Wide Web in 1990, television corporations must also work to ensure their material appeals to a society brought up on the internet. This includes shorter attention spans and an urge for appealing and interesting information.

Mainstream media's dominant role as a provider of information, is threatened by the continuous development of the internet and World Wide Web. However, there is a great opportunity for them to advance alongside this ever-changing phenomenon, which was made clear to me after viewing these interesting documentaries.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last Night

Waking up to to nine cases of beer, red plastic cups scattered across the living room, and a floor soaked in beer (obviously beer pong was in full effect), was not what I wanted to wake up to this morning. However, this type of mess is always a sure sign of a great evening.

Since March Madness is in full effect, my boyfriend and his roommates threw their annual March Madness party last night. I walked into a room of twelve, eyes glued to the television, and the welcome I expected upon my arrival was lost due to the enthusiasm they were expressing over the game.

I quickly got caught up in the games, patiently waiting for the tipoff of the Duke game. After an intense game, and a more importantly happy boyfriend (after Duke won), we proceeded to Joe Kools for the duration of the night. I won't hash out all of the details, because most of you can imagine the night these guys had after having been drinking since lunch time.

Now returning back to reality after another great weekend, I begin my essays. After that, I will write- you guessed it- more essays. So long to my social life for another couple weeks. You will be missed.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Religious Solicitation: I'm Tired Of It

I usually just take it and put it in my bag, or house, depending on where I am.

Today however, for the first time out of many, I put my foot down and said "no thank-you."

I'm talking about religious solicitation. I can not even count on one hand how many times I have been approached walking, or worst of all, waiting at the bus stop. The worst thing about being approached at the bus stop is, you have no excuse to leave or walk away, and are awkwardly forced into accepting a persuasive pamphlet or book.

I have always been a strong believer of, if I want the information regarding religion, I will seek it. Ever since I got wrapped into a 25 minute conversation with an elderly Jehovah Witness woman on my doorstep when I was too young to young to understand it (and too nervous to politely excuse myself), I have been bothered by door-to-door preaching.

So please, religious solicitors, please do not be offended if I do not want to accept your books or pamphlets. I have a religion and am currently happy with it. If I want further information, I will seek it. Amen.

Friday, March 20, 2009

March Madness: Final Four Predictions

As promised yesterday, I am going to give you my predictions for the Final Four.

Final Four will include:
  • Kansas
  • Memphis
  • Duke
  • North Carolina

Do you think that my predictions have a chance? What are your predictions for the final four?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Madness: Elite Eight Predictions

It’s here. The beginning of NCAA March Madness has arrived. So have bracket sheets, beer, and lovers of college basketball.

I finished filling out my bracket sheet earlier today, and here are a few of my personal predictions.

Elite Eight will include:
  • Louisville
  • Kansas
  • Memphis
  • Purdue
  • Florida St.
  • Duke
  • N. Carolina
  • Arizona St.

So far today Conneticut, Texas A&M, Purdue, Memphis, North Carolina, and LSU have won.

Look for my predictions for the Final Four tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Found: Duke T-Shirt

After much searching, I was unable to find a Duke t-shirt that both fit my style, and fit me. I was also unable to find a company that would ship products to Canada. So I did what every desperate person would do- have a shirt made.

Following a little research, I discovered that Advanced Imagewerx in Masonville Mall was able to complete my request at a reasonable price, and in an incredible amount of time. For $25 dollars, you can have artwork or text scanned on to a t-shirt, in full colour. You get to choose the size, font, color and text, with the option of a white or black t-shirt. I supplied my own t-shirt because I wanted Duke blue, and received $2 off my order.

The best deal about Advanced Imagewerx is there is usually a 24-hour turn around at the most. I submitted my t-shirt at lunch time, and I was told it would be done at 6pm. Six hours later, I had my newly printed t-shirt completed.

I would highly recommend Advanced Imagewerx to anyone who is looking for fast and efficient service, at a reasonable cost. Now I don’t have to worry about having my shirt in time for the beginning of March Madness- Go Duke!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update: Impaired Driving

Click here for an update on the charges against impaired driver Andrew Kummer, 25, in last Friday's impaired driving accident killing three.

After this past weekend's tragic events, the London Free Press reported five were arrested in London yesterday for impaired driving during St. Patrick's day festivities. This is so sad.

It makes me want to yell out: where are your brains?!

TD Canada Trust at the London Children's Museum

With the London Children's Museum's hopes of over 1000 vistor's passing through their establishment today, a variety of volunteers from TD Canada Trust put their best craft, face painting, and balloon making skills forward, while volunteering for the day.

As part of this community day, I began my day face stamping (or painting). Little did I know how popular this station was, until a mad rush of children came, and continued come, picking stamps out that they wanted on their face. They didn't only want one stamp, but two or three, quickly teaching me to become a face stamping pro. It was nice to see how happy they were when they looked at themselves in the mirror- all smiles.

From there I rotated to a new station where we made pinwheels and 'flip cups' (a ball is attached to a string, which is attached to a cup, and you try to flip it in). This station was a hit with the children, as my co-worker Sara and I ran out of cups! However, we had a little difficulty making the pinwheel actually spin on the straw (it is sad, but true). It did not matter though, because the children were just happy to see their creation.

Finally we ended our day in the "Arctic" room, where we assisted the children in making ski goggles- another hit.

The day was a rewarding one, as I could tell that it was truly the highlight for some children during their March Break. Their smiles and laughter could be seen and heard throughout the entire day, which was a nice beginning to my Tuesday!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

London's Dundas Street: Is There Hope?

Spanning from London to Toronto, Dundas Street has had its fair share of criticism.

However, it does have more character than any other street in London.

This street, from Richmond Street to Wellington Road, was at one point the hub of the city. Shopping, restaurants and entertainment provided Londoner's with a true downtown experience.

Over the years, Dundas Street has deteriorated leaving vacant buildings and a scuzy exterior. Dundas Street east of Adelaide Street is practically a ghost-town at night, bringing waves of prostitution and drug exchange in the recent years.

There is potential for the downtown area of Dundas Street to become one of the centre spots of London again, but is London willing to make an investment in it?

Will there ever be any hope for Dundas Street?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ravens Beat Mustangs, 66-65

I am ashamed to admit it, but I have not been following the Western Mustang's basketball team all season- until tonight that is.

In an edge-of-your-seat CIS Semi-Final game, the Mustangs were unable to stop Carleton Ravens guard Stuart Turnbull, hitting a shot from 12 feet with less than 4 seconds remaining in the game.

With back and forth baskets between both teams in the last three minutes, and with only a three point difference at the most, I was clapping, yelling, and off the couch cheering on my team.

Fifth year Mustang guard Matt Curtis went to the line with two foul shots, hitting both with only 4.1 seconds remaining. Curtis brought the score to 65-64 lead over the Ravens. In my mind, the game was over and the Mustangs were on their way to another victory. Of course there is always that slight possibility that anything can happen, but I refused to let that be an option.

Raven's Turnbull sunk the final shot bringing the final score to 66-65 for the Ravens. I felt so sorry for the players, who along with all their fans, thought they had the win. They put their best foot forward in an exciting and intense game, and should feel proud of the way they played. Congratulations on a great season and making it as far as you did- you represent our school well!

Three London, Ont. Men Killed in Impaired Driving Accident

Above: Devon Tinus, Mason Berube, and Dave Marshall, victims in an impaired driving accident last night.

When will it ever stop? What will it take for people to realize that drunk driving is not acceptable? Do you have to lose someone close to you to understand the risks of impaired driving?

Last night, three young men lost their lives in a situation that could have been avoided. In an accident that occured late Friday night just outside of London at Longwoods Road and Westdel Bourne, the crash between two pick up trucks has left David Marshall, 26, Mason Berube, 13, and Devon Tinus, 12, dead. The truck that Marshall was in was driven by his friend Andrew Kummer, 25. Both men had been drinking. It is to be believed that the other truck was driven by Berube's father, all three returning to Chatam from a London Knight's game.

The details can be found here in an article from the London Free Press.

One decision is all it takes. Don't drink and drive. Both Kummer and Marshall made immature decisions to enter a vehicle. Kummer's decision to start the ignition, and drive while drunk will forever be remembered through the loss of three lives.

This has been troubling the minds of many I know, including myself, as both Kummer and Marshall were former student's of my highschool.

Three young lives were lost with no chance to live out their dreams. It is a tragic situation that must be recognized, and sadly it serves as a reminder to many of the consequences of impaired driving.

Please encourage your family, friends, or anyone who is possibly considering driving after drinking, to NOT drive. Tell them how much it means to you that they, and others, arrive safely.
My thoughts and prayers are with the families and loved ones of those involved.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Joe Fresh: Affordable and Fashionable

Joseph Mimran, the developer of fashion brands Club Monaco and Alfred Sung, has also been committed to offering women, men and children a line of affordable and versatile wear: Joe Fresh.

Joe Fresh, which can be found at Real Canadian Superstores and Loblaw Company stores, is a staple in my wardrobe. This line offers consumers the convenience of one-stop shopping. Why not pick up a new shirt, while grabbing tomorrow's dinner?

It offers comfortable and stylized, yet reasonably priced apparel, with the latest fashions and colours exemplified in each item.

Most recently Joe Fresh unveiled Joe Fresh Beauty, offering a line of cosmetics to accompany the apparel, sunglasses, athletic wear, jewellery, and intimates that have already made Joe Fresh what it is today.

The next time you are looking for a piece of fashionable, yet affordable clothing, I suggest visiting any of its four locations in London- you won't be disappointed!

London Locations:
Real Canadian Superstore- 825 Oxford St. East

Real Canadian Superstore- 1205 Oxford St. West

Loblaw Great Food Fanshawe Market- Richmond St. at Fanshawe Park Road

Loblaw Great Food Wonderland Market- 3040 Wonderland Rd. South

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Family Pride: OCAD The Art of the Figure Poster

I thought I would take a moment to showcase an incredible painting that a local artist, who also happens to be my cousin, has painted.

Kieran's painting was recently a poster's background for OCAD's figure show.

Pretty amazing if you ask me.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Backyard Disaster

Backyard Mess, Gross, Disgusting, Dirty

I took this picture this morning. Am I living beside hillbilly's? (It would seem so).

Ode to my neighbours:

  • I am tired of looking at this.

  • We live in a nice area of London, and no one else's back yards look like this.

  • I have lived in the same house for 23 years, and this is how your backyard has ALWAYS looked.

  • Just because you like staring at a messy backyard, doesn't mean that others do.

  • We keep our house looking immaculate, and you tarnish it with your lack of upkeep.

  • Have some respect for those around you.

  • Your other neighbours have put up wood fences, not for privacy, but so they don't have to look at your stuff.

  • How can you raise your children in this mess?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Random Thoughts of the Day

For anyone who has a blog, I'm sure they can agree with me that coming up with post topics can often be challenging. My life is only so interesting, and as a 23 year-old graduating student in my last few weeks of university, it is not interesting at all (unless school work and a job interest you). Some days are filled with things to write about, while others are lacking in content.

Today is one of those days, so here are ten random thoughts that have come to mind today:

10. Rain means Spring is approaching.

9. I can't wait to get back to the gym once I have some free time.

8. How do I furnish a room with yellow walls?

7. I need to re-do my resume.

6. Jelly Belly Beans- so delicious.

5. Where am I going to find a job after university?

4. Four more days until the weekend.

3. Why do we care so much about celebrity's lives?

2. I love The View and the Bonnie Hunt Show.

1. I wish I could wear sweatpants everyday.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Goodbye Gus Macker

After 16 years of basketball in Victoria Park, Gus Macker will no longer be making an appearance in the Forest City. As reported in today's London Free Press, tournament organizer Clyde Adkin's decision to cancel was personal, "It's just time. It's too much for me to do every year. It's pretty tough."

The 3-on-3 basketball tournament used to draw in approximately 1600 teams aged 7-65, and raised as much as $40,000 each year for various charities. As reported on AM980 News, a downturn in attendance and volunteers has affected the event, notes Adkin, "It's just so time consuming. When I look at it, sponsorship is down, enrollment has dropped a little bit and on a volunteer basis it's become much more difficult."

The news of Gus Mackers's only Canadian stop being cancelled has saddened Londoners. Looking at my friend's Facebook status' tell me so: "RIP Guss Macker," "There is Still Hope for Macker," "Wow... Did That Just Happen?," and "No More Gus Macker." What London and surrounding area child, teenager, or adult has not participated or attended the yearly May tournament? I can still remember practicing with my team for the competition, and feeling the excitement knowing Gus Macker weekend is approaching. It united basketball lovers.

It is understandable that Adkin's longtime organization of this tournament has run its course. What we can hope for is a new leader, backed by sponsorship, volunteers and participants, to show a renewed interest inthe tournament, with the hopes that it will return to London in the future!

A Morning Staff Sighting

I now know what A Morning staff are doing with their available time: enjoying breakfast at a restaurant (at a reasonable hour!).

I have just noticed the morning crew from A Morning, sitting a couple tables away from me at Cora's.

They raised their coffee cups and glasses in what looked to be a toast, and I could only assume that it was for hope and success in their futures.

Best of luck to all of those affected in the recent cut-backs!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Why BlackBerry?

Lately I have had the craving for a BlackBerry. Why? I don't know. Maybe it is because it seems that practically every student at UWO has one. On campus you go NOWHERE without coming across someone thumbing a BlackBerry, talking on one, or talking about the phone itself. It is such a fad right now to be carrying this accessory.

I know people who have become addicted to their BlackBerry. It doesn't leave their side. Why would I want this? Like these BlackBerry owners, I always want to be connected. I am a media studies student for heavens-sake! It only seems natural that I would have an electronic device that would keep me connected with the world. Oh, wait. I already have one of those and it is called a cell phone. It receives and sends calls and text messages, and allows me to browse the internet. Everytime I think about splurging and buying a BlackBerry, I consider that I already have a device that allows me to connect in the same ways a BlackBerry does (minus the BlackBerry Messenger aspect).
Can anyone explain to me why I should re-assess my decision to withold buying a BlackBerry?

Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Morning Cancelled

Yesterday's announcement in the London Free Press of London's A Morning show being cancelled, has left many anchors and employees wondering, what's next?

Replacing the morning show with six back-to-back episodes of the previous evening's 11 pm broadcast, will likely not fill the void. There is no question that we are in the midst of a recession, and cutbacks are being made in areas which many businesses believe to be non-essential.

What concerns me is that this is likely just the beginning. Where else are cutbacks going to be made in our local media? I am sure it is not only television stations feeling the pressure, but radio and newspapers as well. What is going to happen to our local media? London's A Morning show connected Londoner's in ways they are now missing. It informed us of what was happening in and around our city, through the professional and knowledgeable staff they had working for them.

Thankfully, London Free Press blogger Dan Brown, of Cool Blog Name to Come, asked Jeremy John and Cheryl Weedmark if they would like to say a few words. Click their names for their posts.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube

Michael Wesch’s presentation and online film, An Anthropological Introduction to YouTube, at the Library of Congress in May 2008, focuses on how we as the generation of Web 2.0, connect with the world differently due to new media such as YouTube.

With 9232 hours of video uploaded daily, it is no surprise this YouTube phenomenon is not short-lived. It is a constantly thriving community that has been built by user-generated content, transcending both space and time. YouTube’s ability to create a platform where membership is not limited, and opinions and views are accepted, has constructed a community built on empowerment of the individual.

Wesch notes in the film that when media changes, human relationships change too. This statement especially stands out to me, because despite being an information and media studies student, I have always been wary and judgemental about new forms of social technology. I have always had the view that Web 2.0 social technologies further distance users from one another. After viewing this film however, Wesch has challenged me to reconsider my beliefs as he has exemplified through this film that YouTube does not distance people, but instead links and connects them in new and different ways.

This film touches on the question of authenticity within YouTube. One YouTube video host discussed that “YouTube is not for fake stuff, its for real stuff,” suggesting that lack of authenticity is condemned within the YouTube community. This quote has encouraged me to consider the way in which YouTube’s users and community members expect other’s identities to be genuine. However, one must consider each user’s intentions, and that individual users will be using YouTube for individual reasons. Some users will utilize YouTube as a means for self-awareness and identity by encouraging voyeuristic activity to occur, while other users simply use YouTube as a way for fun and excitement. I feel that both ways are acceptable, and what binds them together is the movement from a private to public sphere. Regardless of the user’s intentions, he or she has become part of a new form of community, which continues and will continue, to progress into the future.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Hockeyville 2009: Vote ASAP!

Please do me and Borderline Ambivalent's Ryan a big favour and vote for Woolwich, Ontario for Kraft's Hockeyville 2009!

Online voting closes March 5, 2009 at 1:30 am E.T. Type in the two words and hit Vote Now.


"4th Year Itch" in London Free Press

I just thought I would let everyone know, that this past Saturday, February 28, 2009, my post "4th Year Itch," was published in the London Free Press.

I just found out today, and am rather excited because it proves that community building is important in the blogosphere.

It was published in the Best of the Blogs section, which is "Your Weekly Roundup from the Blogosphere."

If you still have Saturday's paper, it is in the Opinions section, page 6- Check it out!

Also check out Cool Blog Name to Come. It is a blog written by London Free Press Senior Online Editor and Blogger Dan Brown, and also a professor here at Western.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Must Have: Watch

Along with a broken pair, yet recently fixed pair of sunglasses, the battery in my watch has been dead for awhile. I took it into The Bay on Sunday to have the battery replaced, and I came across a wide array of new watches- fully charged batteries, scratch-less faces, and great prices.

Watches are a great accessory for the upcoming season. Interchangeable bands are a great way to add colour to an outfit. Try switching up the color to compliment or accent an outfit. Different sizes, styles, and textures are also sure to be an attention-grabber. They look classy, and ensure you will be on time for your class, exam, or important job interview!

If you are on a budget, which let's admit, most of us students are, visit Aldo Accessories for the latest in watches and
bands which can be switched up in a moment's time. If you have some extra cash and are looking for a new watch, why not check out The Bay or Guess.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Madness: Duke T-Shirt

It's here. The month of March has long been known for the NCAA Basketball tournament, better known as March Madness. In celebration of this upcoming month-long event , I have been searching for the perfect female Duke t-shirt (of course slightly influenced by my boyfriend, a die-hard Duke fan).

Much to my surprise, I have not had much luck finding the perfect shirt. I originally wanted it to be pink (bright blue would also suffice), but once I realized that every website I have been on is out of the size small, my options were reduced. My options have been further reduced when many of the websites I went on, do not ship outside of the United States.

I have checked all the sports apparel stores in both White Oaks Mall and Masonville Mall, including Campus Crew. Apparently women are not into Duke, let alone basketball it seems, from the lack of female sports apparel. I have also checked the Duke University online store, and no luck.

Does anyone know where I can find my perfect Duke t-shirt?

Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Thought About Twitter

I have been debating whether to become apart of this whole "Twitter" phenomenon. It sounds interesting, but really, what is the need for everyone to know exactly what I am doing all the time?

This new Web 2.0 social network, which keeps others informed through status updates, leaves users more connected than ever before.

As curious as I am about it, I think I will refrain from it for as long as possible. It seems like it takes the fun out of actually talking to your friends about where they are, what they are doing, and what they are thinking.

@that'swhatshesaid My 200 daytime minutes on my cell phone will go to calling and speaking to my friends to inform them of my day, rather than updating my Twitter status through my cell's internet browser.
5:35 PM Feb 28th from web

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Summer Sunglasses: Suit Your Face

My Burberry's have been broken all winter long, and with the sun making more of a daily appearance lately, I decided it was time to get them fixed. I bought my Burberry's in September of first year, and to this day continue to wear them. There is nothing better than finding the perfect frames to suit your face.

Sunglasses are not just an eye protector, but are a fashion statement as well. As the sunnier seasons approach, and you shop for your perfect pair, don't be afraid to experiment with sizes and colours. Just keep one essential thought in mind: your sunglasses should suit your face shape.

Below are a couple tips to keep in mind when you buy your perfect pair!

Round Face: You should look for frames that make the face appear longer and thinner.
  • Look for frames equal or slightly wider than the broadest part of your face
  • Minimize the curves and add definition with soft, angular, or rectangle styles
  • You should avoid sunglasses with round frames and can also experiment with sunglasses with brow bars, which pull the eye upward giving the appearance of a longer face

Oval Face: You have the most options available to you.

  • Almost any style will be flattering, but slightly square frames with rounded edges often look best
  • Experiment with the latest looks

Square Face: You should look for styles that can help soften an angular face.
  • Your face shape consists of a strong jaw line, a broad forehead and wide cheek bones, so reducing the angles with soft, curvy styles will give your face some definition
  • Sunglasses with an oval or round shape often look best on you
Heart-Shaped Face: You need to add balance to your face.
  • Since you likely have a wide forehead and narrow chin, you need sunglasses that will soften the lower portion of your face by accenting the eye area
  • Sunglasses such as cat-eyes styles which angle outward at the top corner and be wide enough to balance the jawline and metal frames with rimless bottoms often look best on you

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

4th Year Itch

Does anyone else feel especially anxious this time of the year? Motivated by freedom, but brought down by workload? With classes wrapping up in a mere 38 days, and my fourth year slowly comes to a close, I am finding myself to be unmotivated in my studies.

Maybe it is the fact that after four years, I am finally going to be able to read texts that do not have anything to do with school, and not feel guilty about it. Or maybe it is because I am going to be able to spend my days making money, and begin applying what I have been studying. It also largely has to do with the upcoming season filled with the beach, patios, outside sports, and not waiting in bar lines once most Western students leave London for the summer (I have always been a supporter of Londoners having a special line bypass card, since they support these bars year round. Do you think this would fly? Probably not, but worth the mention).

My lack of motivation also stems from the amount of work I have left to do. Isn't university supposed to get easier as it progresses? I'm hoping to kick this problem asap. Any suggestions?

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Moksha Yoga: London's Hot Yoga

Over the break I decided to try yoga for the first time. I have always been nervous to try it, fearful of awkwardly not being able to hold the poses, and ultimately being noticed as a beginner.

Moksha Yoga London is an intriguing place I have wanted to experience for a long time. As a Londoner, I have seen it become one of the most popular yoga businesses in the area (much credit to UWO students I'm sure). It is unique because it offers hot yoga, as opposed to a studio with room temperature. Hot yoga is especially effective because it allows deeper stretching, and is a cardiovascular workout that strengthens, tones and stretches the muscles. The heated room also allows for the detoxification of the body through sweating.

I instantly felt at ease as I walked through the door. I was greeted with a warm welcome and asked what I would like to do. I explained to the instructor that it was my first time practicing yoga, and she told me about the studio. She made suggestions about where I should place myself once in the room, and explained that I can take my time, take breaks, and take water at any point. The only rules were no talking and to try and stay in the room for the whole 60 minute session, and she warned of sweating- a lot. Once we began practicing, the instructor made mention that there were many first-timers in the room- it was nice to know that we were accepted! As she walked around the room, she would take a few seconds to correct my pose if it was off. I appreciated this as I wanted to know how to properly hold and improve the poses.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Moksha Yoga. It was relaxing, an excellent workout, and left my body feeling detoxified. I would recommend this studio to anyone who has yet to try yoga, or who has been practicing for years. It is definitely worth the money! Has anyone else had the chance to visit Moksha Yoga?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Top 7 Places I Would Have Rather Spent Spring Break

As my final spring break of university faded away into my snow covered community, I began thinking about where I would have preferred to spend it. Instead of working at my job all week, these are the seven places I would have loved to be enjoying.

7. Mexico
6. Jamaica
5. Dominican Republic
4. Lake Louise, Banff
3. Cuba
2. Blackcomb, Whistler
1. Miami, Florida

Monday, February 16, 2009

Robinson Rises Over Defending Champion

What better way to have spent Valentine's Day, then watching the NBA All-Star Slam Dunk Contest? With a sick boyfriend, and a passion for basketball, this evening made perfect sense.

How do you top Superman capes and cupcakes? How about having a 5'9, 180 pound Nate Robinson clear defending champion, Dwight Howard's 6'11, 265 pound frame. Dressed in emerald-green Nike's, New York Knicks guard Nate Robinson cleared and dunked over Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard's head, to land the slam dunk title.

This dunk came after Howard brought out a second net, raising the rim to 12 feet. A standard NBA rim height is 10 feet. Dunking on the elevated net with ease, Howard agreed to be a prop for Robinson, who became one of the few players to win the contest for the second time.

Howard's most exciting dunk required no tricks. He tossed an alley-oop off to himself off the side of the backboard, catching it with one hand, and elevating his body before slaming it down. Robinson's final dunk was similar, where he reversed alley-oop off the bounce that he brought down to his knees before throwing it down.

What's next for the 2010 All-Star Slam Dunk Contest? LeBron James. Enough said.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Mr. Big Coming to London

This fall, Chris Noth, known to most of us as Mr. Big from Sex and the City, will be opening a tea business with his spouse Tara Wilson in London.

An article in today's London Free Press, reports Once Upon a Teacup, based in Windsor, will expand to north London, beside A&B Party and Tent Rental on Hyde Park Road.

With the business also comes the promise of a visit from Noth and Wilson themselves. They will make time for his fans and sign autographs, as Wilson describes,

"We're so excited. He loves coming to Canada just because everyone is so gracious there. I love coming to Canada because it's home for me."

Wilson goes on to say, "It's wonderful when people come out and support what we're doing. It's great that people are excited to see him."

Noth, Wilson and Wilson's sister Stephanie Cence, own the tea shop in Windsor, which caters to families and has child-size chairs and tables for dress up and play time. Franchise license holders Laura and Chris DeGroot, have already began booking birthday parties, and are holding a Sex and the City party at their house to get their North-end neighbours aquainted with this new business, which will likely be a hit!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

2009 USC Election Results

With 3,957 votes, Emily Rowe took the lead in this year's USC Presidential Election,
"I'm so unbelievably excited... it's beyond description. I want to give congratulations to everyone who ran. Everyone did a phenomenal

The Gazette reports Ben Singer finished second with 2,616 votes, and Andrew Beach followed in third with 1,024 votes.

Ashley Bushfield, Tabitha Navratil, Ryan Cassidy, and Stephen Nelles finished with 809, 774, 259, and 31 votes.

With 9,470 students voting in the presidential election this year, it was an increase from last years 6,898 students who voted.

For a list of all 2009 USC Election Winners, click here.

Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make their voices heard!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

USC Elections Winner

Emily Rowe!
After weeks of campaigning, Emily has succeeded in obtaining the most votes in this year's USC election. Emily is the next University Student Council President at the University of Western Ontario. Congratulations Emily!
Check back tomorrow for more election results!

Top 10 Unsuspecting Celebrity Drug Arrests

After the photograph of Michael Phelps smoking marijuana from a bong at a South Carolina college party surfaced, I thought I would do a little research into other unsuspecting, famous individuals who have also been caught for drug possession. I came across the website Busted! 100 Celebrities Arrested for Drug Possession, which has helped me develop this list. Of course there are the ones you are familiar with, but these ones surprised me.

10. Kareem Abdul Jabbar

A NBA basketball player for 20 years, Abdul Jabbar paid fines after surrendering a small amount of marijuana at a Toronto airport in 1998. In 2000, he was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana, with the excuse that it was to help with the nausea from migranes.

9. Mischa Barton

This O.C. starlet was arrested in 2007 for impaired driving. She was charged with two misdemeanors and a DUI, and is currently on probation for three years.

8. Bob Denver

Gilligan from “Gilligan’s Island” was arrested in 1998 for having a parcel of marijuana delivered to his house. At the time, he thought he was in an episode of the show and said that “Mary Ann”(Dawn Wells) sent him the package. He must have realized what he was doing because he refused to name her in court and said “some crazy fan must have sent it.” More marijuana and other paraphernalia was found in his house and he pleaded no contest to the charges earning him six month’s probation.

7. Queen Latifah

Arrested in 1996 for possession of a small amount of marijuana and a loaded hand gun, resulted in a fine and two years probation for the Queen.

6. Robert Iler
Ironically, this Sopranos star was arrested in 2001 for armed robbery and marijuana possession, and received three year’s probation.

5. Haley Joel Osmant

In 2006, Osmant was arrested for marijuana possession and driving under the influence. He received three years probation, 60 hours in an alcohol rehabilitation and education program, a fine of $1500, and a minimum requirement of 26 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings over a six-month period.

4. Dionne Warwick

In 2002, Warwick was held at the Miami International Airport after a case containing 11 marijuana cigarettes was found in her carry on bag. Unsure of how the marijuana got in her bag, the chages were dropped and she agreed to perfrom a series of public service announcements regarding illegal drugs.

3. Louis Armstrong

Armstrong was arrested in 1931 for marijuana possession, but the charge was later suspended.

2. Bill Murray

While he was attending Regis University in 1970, Murray dropped out after being arrested at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport for trying to smuggle nearly 9 pounds of marijuana.

1. Paul Reubens

Reubens, better known as PeeWee Hermans, was arrested in 1971 for possession, and then famously arrested for indecent exposure in 1991.