Thursday, February 12, 2009

2009 USC Election Results

With 3,957 votes, Emily Rowe took the lead in this year's USC Presidential Election,
"I'm so unbelievably excited... it's beyond description. I want to give congratulations to everyone who ran. Everyone did a phenomenal

The Gazette reports Ben Singer finished second with 2,616 votes, and Andrew Beach followed in third with 1,024 votes.

Ashley Bushfield, Tabitha Navratil, Ryan Cassidy, and Stephen Nelles finished with 809, 774, 259, and 31 votes.

With 9,470 students voting in the presidential election this year, it was an increase from last years 6,898 students who voted.

For a list of all 2009 USC Election Winners, click here.

Congratulations to all who worked so hard to make their voices heard!


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