Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Top 10 Unsuspecting Celebrity Drug Arrests

After the photograph of Michael Phelps smoking marijuana from a bong at a South Carolina college party surfaced, I thought I would do a little research into other unsuspecting, famous individuals who have also been caught for drug possession. I came across the website Busted! 100 Celebrities Arrested for Drug Possession, which has helped me develop this list. Of course there are the ones you are familiar with, but these ones surprised me.

10. Kareem Abdul Jabbar

A NBA basketball player for 20 years, Abdul Jabbar paid fines after surrendering a small amount of marijuana at a Toronto airport in 1998. In 2000, he was arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana, with the excuse that it was to help with the nausea from migranes.

9. Mischa Barton

This O.C. starlet was arrested in 2007 for impaired driving. She was charged with two misdemeanors and a DUI, and is currently on probation for three years.

8. Bob Denver

Gilligan from “Gilligan’s Island” was arrested in 1998 for having a parcel of marijuana delivered to his house. At the time, he thought he was in an episode of the show and said that “Mary Ann”(Dawn Wells) sent him the package. He must have realized what he was doing because he refused to name her in court and said “some crazy fan must have sent it.” More marijuana and other paraphernalia was found in his house and he pleaded no contest to the charges earning him six month’s probation.

7. Queen Latifah

Arrested in 1996 for possession of a small amount of marijuana and a loaded hand gun, resulted in a fine and two years probation for the Queen.

6. Robert Iler
Ironically, this Sopranos star was arrested in 2001 for armed robbery and marijuana possession, and received three year’s probation.

5. Haley Joel Osmant

In 2006, Osmant was arrested for marijuana possession and driving under the influence. He received three years probation, 60 hours in an alcohol rehabilitation and education program, a fine of $1500, and a minimum requirement of 26 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings over a six-month period.

4. Dionne Warwick

In 2002, Warwick was held at the Miami International Airport after a case containing 11 marijuana cigarettes was found in her carry on bag. Unsure of how the marijuana got in her bag, the chages were dropped and she agreed to perfrom a series of public service announcements regarding illegal drugs.

3. Louis Armstrong

Armstrong was arrested in 1931 for marijuana possession, but the charge was later suspended.

2. Bill Murray

While he was attending Regis University in 1970, Murray dropped out after being arrested at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport for trying to smuggle nearly 9 pounds of marijuana.

1. Paul Reubens

Reubens, better known as PeeWee Hermans, was arrested in 1971 for possession, and then famously arrested for indecent exposure in 1991.


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All in all.... Bill Murry is the MAN in Ghost Busters. He gets popped for 9 pounds of weed; 14 years later he's the lead star in Ghost Busters! Ironic. I wonder what Lindsey Lohan is going to learn in jail for her six month sentence!

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