Saturday, February 21, 2009

Top 7 Places I Would Have Rather Spent Spring Break

As my final spring break of university faded away into my snow covered community, I began thinking about where I would have preferred to spend it. Instead of working at my job all week, these are the seven places I would have loved to be enjoying.

7. Mexico
6. Jamaica
5. Dominican Republic
4. Lake Louise, Banff
3. Cuba
2. Blackcomb, Whistler
1. Miami, Florida


Stringbean said...

Man, out of the 7 places you've mentioned I know of 5 places that people have flown to escape to. The closest thing to an exciting tropical destination I got to was Troy, NY, known at one point as the "Armpit of the United States"! Although it wasn't the nicest place to visit, I still had a blast with my family (we were down there for my dad's varsity hockey reunion at RPI) and I met up with some friends that I went on exchange with. Still.... I think I would have enjoyed relaxing on the beach with my toes in the sand and a cool pina colada :)

fran said...

This sounds fantastic ! I honestly can’t wait I hope there isnt too much wait for it to be shown in the UK but the second it does you can count on me watching it.


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