Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Thought About Twitter

I have been debating whether to become apart of this whole "Twitter" phenomenon. It sounds interesting, but really, what is the need for everyone to know exactly what I am doing all the time?

This new Web 2.0 social network, which keeps others informed through status updates, leaves users more connected than ever before.

As curious as I am about it, I think I will refrain from it for as long as possible. It seems like it takes the fun out of actually talking to your friends about where they are, what they are doing, and what they are thinking.

@that'swhatshesaid My 200 daytime minutes on my cell phone will go to calling and speaking to my friends to inform them of my day, rather than updating my Twitter status through my cell's internet browser.
5:35 PM Feb 28th from web


Jessica Chyfetz said...

When we first started this Blogging class I had no idea what Twitter even was nor had I ever heard about it. After so much talk about it I decided to get it and well it is actually pretty cool! I do not follow friends on it (only a few have it) but it is really cool that you can follow celebrities and a lot of stores and magazines to constantly be updated on what new things they have! I recommend you test it out!

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