Thursday, February 26, 2009

Summer Sunglasses: Suit Your Face

My Burberry's have been broken all winter long, and with the sun making more of a daily appearance lately, I decided it was time to get them fixed. I bought my Burberry's in September of first year, and to this day continue to wear them. There is nothing better than finding the perfect frames to suit your face.

Sunglasses are not just an eye protector, but are a fashion statement as well. As the sunnier seasons approach, and you shop for your perfect pair, don't be afraid to experiment with sizes and colours. Just keep one essential thought in mind: your sunglasses should suit your face shape.

Below are a couple tips to keep in mind when you buy your perfect pair!

Round Face: You should look for frames that make the face appear longer and thinner.
  • Look for frames equal or slightly wider than the broadest part of your face
  • Minimize the curves and add definition with soft, angular, or rectangle styles
  • You should avoid sunglasses with round frames and can also experiment with sunglasses with brow bars, which pull the eye upward giving the appearance of a longer face

Oval Face: You have the most options available to you.

  • Almost any style will be flattering, but slightly square frames with rounded edges often look best
  • Experiment with the latest looks

Square Face: You should look for styles that can help soften an angular face.
  • Your face shape consists of a strong jaw line, a broad forehead and wide cheek bones, so reducing the angles with soft, curvy styles will give your face some definition
  • Sunglasses with an oval or round shape often look best on you
Heart-Shaped Face: You need to add balance to your face.
  • Since you likely have a wide forehead and narrow chin, you need sunglasses that will soften the lower portion of your face by accenting the eye area
  • Sunglasses such as cat-eyes styles which angle outward at the top corner and be wide enough to balance the jawline and metal frames with rimless bottoms often look best on you


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