Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Backyard Disaster

Backyard Mess, Gross, Disgusting, Dirty

I took this picture this morning. Am I living beside hillbilly's? (It would seem so).

Ode to my neighbours:

  • I am tired of looking at this.

  • We live in a nice area of London, and no one else's back yards look like this.

  • I have lived in the same house for 23 years, and this is how your backyard has ALWAYS looked.

  • Just because you like staring at a messy backyard, doesn't mean that others do.

  • We keep our house looking immaculate, and you tarnish it with your lack of upkeep.

  • Have some respect for those around you.

  • Your other neighbours have put up wood fences, not for privacy, but so they don't have to look at your stuff.

  • How can you raise your children in this mess?


Carrie B said...

Oh my God! What a pig sty. Can you report them to the authorities?

emlocks said...

wow thats a bit rediculous!!!

That's What She Said said...

Carrie B, I wish there was somewhere where I could report this! haha

That's What She Said said...

emlocks, isn't it ridiculous! Who would want to look at this everyday!?

That's What She Said said...

That looks like the trainwrecks house over on Hunt Club Drive. It's unfortunate that their isn't a bylaw that prohibits this.

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