Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Found: Duke T-Shirt

After much searching, I was unable to find a Duke t-shirt that both fit my style, and fit me. I was also unable to find a company that would ship products to Canada. So I did what every desperate person would do- have a shirt made.

Following a little research, I discovered that Advanced Imagewerx in Masonville Mall was able to complete my request at a reasonable price, and in an incredible amount of time. For $25 dollars, you can have artwork or text scanned on to a t-shirt, in full colour. You get to choose the size, font, color and text, with the option of a white or black t-shirt. I supplied my own t-shirt because I wanted Duke blue, and received $2 off my order.

The best deal about Advanced Imagewerx is there is usually a 24-hour turn around at the most. I submitted my t-shirt at lunch time, and I was told it would be done at 6pm. Six hours later, I had my newly printed t-shirt completed.

I would highly recommend Advanced Imagewerx to anyone who is looking for fast and efficient service, at a reasonable cost. Now I don’t have to worry about having my shirt in time for the beginning of March Madness- Go Duke!


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So I am looking for a Duke shirt as I have a sibling that recently became part of the freshman class of 2013. Naturally I go to google and type in "Duke Shirt" (you know, what any of the ~70% of google's marketshare on web search might do) and what do I see as the sixth result on google...none other than your blog. First, I think that you need to monetize this somehow ;-) Second, how's that itch going...I say travel!

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