Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Update: Impaired Driving

Click here for an update on the charges against impaired driver Andrew Kummer, 25, in last Friday's impaired driving accident killing three.

After this past weekend's tragic events, the London Free Press reported five were arrested in London yesterday for impaired driving during St. Patrick's day festivities. This is so sad.

It makes me want to yell out: where are your brains?!


That's What She Said said...

This really is so sad. I personally was affected by a drunk driving accident this past summer and it was publicized in the news so I am positive that most students were aware of it. To me it really hit home and has influenced my decisions and the ones around me. Hopefully this can knock some sense in to everyone's brains. Check out this site and watch the videos accompanying it. There needs to be awareness! www.themessageinthebottle.com

That's What She Said said...

Our former high school + Andrew Kummer - what a waste. All the articles and comments left on the Facebook group made for remembering Devon and Mason keep suggesting that Kummer and company should have known better etc. Oh they knew better. They, like myself, were educated in the "what not to do" and "this is what happens when" scenarios. I wonder where they went wrong then? I can think of dozens of people who drink and drive now from Kummer's graduating class. What the **** is wrong with them? Where are your brains?! Why does it take fatalities to wake people up? It sickens me.

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