Thursday, March 5, 2009

A Morning Cancelled

Yesterday's announcement in the London Free Press of London's A Morning show being cancelled, has left many anchors and employees wondering, what's next?

Replacing the morning show with six back-to-back episodes of the previous evening's 11 pm broadcast, will likely not fill the void. There is no question that we are in the midst of a recession, and cutbacks are being made in areas which many businesses believe to be non-essential.

What concerns me is that this is likely just the beginning. Where else are cutbacks going to be made in our local media? I am sure it is not only television stations feeling the pressure, but radio and newspapers as well. What is going to happen to our local media? London's A Morning show connected Londoner's in ways they are now missing. It informed us of what was happening in and around our city, through the professional and knowledgeable staff they had working for them.

Thankfully, London Free Press blogger Dan Brown, of Cool Blog Name to Come, asked Jeremy John and Cheryl Weedmark if they would like to say a few words. Click their names for their posts.


Paul Sham said...

London is not the only city that has felt the loss of local media. I read today that CTV also cut a Montreal morning show.

I think this is where the CBC should have the funding to step in, and help maintain local news. But, they won't be receiving any more funding from what I've read, and might have to cut back themselves.

London still has the London Free Press. As long as that holds up too.

That's What She Said said...

Paul, it is hard to believe that something we have depended on for so long is slowly dissapearing. Thank goodness we still have the London Free Press!

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