Sunday, March 22, 2009

Last Night

Waking up to to nine cases of beer, red plastic cups scattered across the living room, and a floor soaked in beer (obviously beer pong was in full effect), was not what I wanted to wake up to this morning. However, this type of mess is always a sure sign of a great evening.

Since March Madness is in full effect, my boyfriend and his roommates threw their annual March Madness party last night. I walked into a room of twelve, eyes glued to the television, and the welcome I expected upon my arrival was lost due to the enthusiasm they were expressing over the game.

I quickly got caught up in the games, patiently waiting for the tipoff of the Duke game. After an intense game, and a more importantly happy boyfriend (after Duke won), we proceeded to Joe Kools for the duration of the night. I won't hash out all of the details, because most of you can imagine the night these guys had after having been drinking since lunch time.

Now returning back to reality after another great weekend, I begin my essays. After that, I will write- you guessed it- more essays. So long to my social life for another couple weeks. You will be missed.


Beck.rr said...

Hah.. Love it. I know the feeling exactly. The combination of Ivey and March Madness has lost me my boyfriend. But as long as he isn't growing the traditional "stash", I think I'll survive. :)

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