Friday, March 6, 2009

Why BlackBerry?

Lately I have had the craving for a BlackBerry. Why? I don't know. Maybe it is because it seems that practically every student at UWO has one. On campus you go NOWHERE without coming across someone thumbing a BlackBerry, talking on one, or talking about the phone itself. It is such a fad right now to be carrying this accessory.

I know people who have become addicted to their BlackBerry. It doesn't leave their side. Why would I want this? Like these BlackBerry owners, I always want to be connected. I am a media studies student for heavens-sake! It only seems natural that I would have an electronic device that would keep me connected with the world. Oh, wait. I already have one of those and it is called a cell phone. It receives and sends calls and text messages, and allows me to browse the internet. Everytime I think about splurging and buying a BlackBerry, I consider that I already have a device that allows me to connect in the same ways a BlackBerry does (minus the BlackBerry Messenger aspect).
Can anyone explain to me why I should re-assess my decision to withold buying a BlackBerry?


Ryan said...

You should reassess the situation and buy an iPhone instead. I jumped ship on BlackBerry in January and I have never been happier with a decision...well that's a lie - I was also happy when I switched to Mac.

Besides the point - iPhone, far superior. It has waaaaay more, and I mean way more applications for the user and it can do everything EXCEPT BBM.

But you know what, at the rate apps are being developed for the iPhone and the fact that anyone can design them, I'm sure someone will soon develop a iPhone-to-iPhone Messenger.

Anyway - if you are actually considering switching from a regular cell phone to a "smartphone," go iPhone, you won't regret your decision. I'm sure there are people in our blogging class that will agree...

Nate, Paul?

Paul Sham said...

As Ryan pointed out, I do own an iPhone. I've never owned a BlackBerry, so I can't make a comparison based on my experiences. Personally, from what I know, the iPhone seems better unless you want a physical keyboard.

I think you should also be re-assessing whether you want to be connected all the time. It sounds good, but there are negatives to it.

Carrie B said...

Don't buy one, I beg of you!!!!!!! I work in customer service and continue to be shocked by the number of customers who simply stop our transaction because their cell or Blackberry buzz (and with no apology, I might add). What phone call or email can't wait until I have finished taking their order. Not only is it rude, but incredibly inconsiderate as they obviously have no concern for anyone but themselves. Don't become one of these people!

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