Tuesday, March 17, 2009

TD Canada Trust at the London Children's Museum

With the London Children's Museum's hopes of over 1000 vistor's passing through their establishment today, a variety of volunteers from TD Canada Trust put their best craft, face painting, and balloon making skills forward, while volunteering for the day.

As part of this community day, I began my day face stamping (or painting). Little did I know how popular this station was, until a mad rush of children came, and continued come, picking stamps out that they wanted on their face. They didn't only want one stamp, but two or three, quickly teaching me to become a face stamping pro. It was nice to see how happy they were when they looked at themselves in the mirror- all smiles.

From there I rotated to a new station where we made pinwheels and 'flip cups' (a ball is attached to a string, which is attached to a cup, and you try to flip it in). This station was a hit with the children, as my co-worker Sara and I ran out of cups! However, we had a little difficulty making the pinwheel actually spin on the straw (it is sad, but true). It did not matter though, because the children were just happy to see their creation.

Finally we ended our day in the "Arctic" room, where we assisted the children in making ski goggles- another hit.

The day was a rewarding one, as I could tell that it was truly the highlight for some children during their March Break. Their smiles and laughter could be seen and heard throughout the entire day, which was a nice beginning to my Tuesday!


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