Thursday, March 26, 2009

Live Blog: Western's The Big Purple Couch

Well I've just walked into the Spoke, and it seems as though they are doing try-outs for Western's television show, The Big Purple Couch.

There are students and judges gathered around, American Idol style.

The first girl that was up wasn't very exuberant or camera friendly in my opinion, but the next contestant Lauren had great chemistry with the co-host.

Can anyone tell me more about The Big Purple Couch?


Ryan said...

Run mainly (if not completely) by MIT students; from filming, editing, and hosting. Hosts are Phil Pallen and Ashley Rowe this year. They're both 3rd year MTP students but Ashley will not be hosting next year. If I'm not mistaken she's graduating...or at Fanshawe co-op perhaps? A lot of friends of mine work on the production team for it; they're looking for more help next year in both hosting and production, and filming I believe.

Pretty decent program - talks about things that the majority of Western students want to hear about. It airs on Rogers Television and is recorded bi-weekly in the Spoke.

Follow them on Twitter to learn more and keep up-to-date on what's going on at Western.

That's What She Said said...

Oh, that's amazing! Why am I just hearing about this in my fourth year? You would think that if MIT student's were mainly running it, it would have a bit more exposure?

I'll have to do a little research on them and let everyone know who ended up winning! Thanks Ryan!

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